Ajax In Practice

August 18, 2008

This book by Dave Crane, Bear Bibeault and Jord Sonneveld aims to be of a second-generation Ajax book. It should go beyond just explaining the technology and explore in details the different client-side Ajax technologies and show what you can do with them. The target audience is a developer that has already a background of developing web applications and a basic knowledge of JavaScript. I can say that the book achieves its goals and provides practical concepts and code excerpts that can be readily used. For every topic that is discussed in the book, there is a detailed code example that shows how to use it in practice. I like also the fact that the specific goal of important lines are put in evidence in the code examples.

The book is divided in two parts. The first part contains four chapters that present the basic concepts of Ajax. After an introduction, it discusses the various communications techniques like Json or XML. A chapter is then dedicated to object-oriented JavaScript, that the authors present as a must to build scalable Ajax code. Finally, the book takes a closer look at the different JavaScript libraries (Prototype, Dojo and JQuery) used for Ajax applications.

The second part presents the various practices that could be used in client-side programming and are related to Ajax, either directly or indirectly: events, data entry and validation, navigation, drag-and-drop, usability, state management. Each topic is clearly explained in a dedicated chapter. A chapter is also dedicated to integrating outside API like Yahoo! or Google maps. A last chapter is dedicated to a sample mash-up application.

Source code and sample chapters for this book can be find on http://www.manning.com/crane2/

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New RIA Resource Portal

April 30, 2008

The Ajax Alliance site is a repository for resources concerning : Rich Interface Applications: Ajax, Flex, Flash, Air, Java Server Faces, Silverlight and other related technologies. The content consists of articles, news, press releases, quotations, books reviews and links to articles, Web sites, tools, blogs, conferences and other elements concerning RIA.

More than 1000 articles in Software Development Articles Directory

April 17, 2008

The Software Development Article Directory has now more than 1000 articles in its database. This directory references knowledge-providing articles related to all software development activities (programming, testing, configuration management, process and project management) selected from the best sources on the web.

Some of the last interesting additions to the directory are
* Must-have tools for HTML, JavaScript and AJAX development and debugging
Use the best open source tools to work with Web pages, scripts, and styles, and make development of new sites and pages easy.

* Schedule Adherence: A Useful Measure for Project Management
This article utilizes the new practice of Earned Schedule (ES) to discuss a proposed measure for further enhancing the practice of EVM. The measure, Schedule Adherence, provides additional early warning information to project managers, thereby enabling improved decision making and enhancing the probability of project success.

* Focus on Value: How to create value-driven user stories
Agile has a tool that can help organizations re-focus on return on investment: value-driven user stories. Value-driven user stories are created specifically to link features with their users and the value the features have for their users. They can be created from a list of high-level features or a list of values and users centered on a general idea.

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