Slow Cloud Adoption for Software Applications

The software development magazine Methods & Tools has recently asked its readers if their organization were hosting their software applications on a cloud infrastructure.

The results are that only a minority of the participants have started transferring their software application from a traditional infrastructure to a Cloud infrastructure. This situation can be explained by many reasons:
* Difficulties to move applications to the cloud. The specificity of the Cloud infrastructure often requires a rewriting of part of the application.
* Sensitive data and security concerns.
* Lack of competencies to manage Cloud infrastructures.

The conclusion of the article is that “We have to remind that as in all major IT trends, most of the data about Cloud adoption is supplied by new technology vendors that have an implicit bias in showing high adoption rate, because they want to sell more items or because the participants to the survey are partly found in their own customers. Cloud infrastructure is certainly a valuable solution in a web application context where scalability is an important factor or infrastructure management capabilities are missing. For larger companies with more complex IT needs, the transition to the Cloud will be longer and more delicate to achieve.”

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