Another Suitor for Borland?

June 12, 2009

According to Reuters, Micro Focus, which agreed in May to buy Borland, said on Monday that Borland had received a preliminary non-binding indication of interest from an unnamed financial buyer. The price offered would be $ 1.20 versus the $ 1 offered by Micro Focus. If the transaction is not approved by the shareholders, Borland would have to Micro Focus $3 million.

Borland entered a nondisclosure agreement with the new suitor and it has granted it access to its accounting books. Among the possible buyer, the name of Embarcadero and Oracle are mentioned. Embarcadero already bought last year the CodeGear division and might be interested for some new tools that will complete its current offer… for cheap. Oracle, who just bought Sun, could seize the occasion to create a more complete offer of software development tools around Java. JDeveloper, the Java IDE from Oracle, was originally build around the JBuilder technology from Borland.

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